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The Alternative Miss World October 2018 Dacing at the Globe
Normal for Norfolk –The Kitwitches at the Globe

'“In Christmas time, and especially on plough Monday, several Men dresse themselves in Womens Close and goes from House to House a Dancing along with fiddles” so the entry in the Arderon papers at the Norfolk Record Office reads.  It dates from the mid 18th century.  This was the inspiration behind the formation of the Norwich Kitwitches Molly side.  Like many of the traditional sides we do not start practicing until November and only dance out in December and January.  Being a 21st century molly side, we are mixed and therefore the women have to dress as men, dressed as women.  Perhaps it was this fact that led Andrew Logan to ask us to dance in the 2018 Alternative Miss World, whilst the judges were making up their mind as to which of the contestants had won the coveted crown.  This was the reason why we broke with tradition to dance in October on stage at the Globe.  It was combined with dancing on the South Bank and outside the Globe as the audience was entering.  Luckily it was fine weather.  We stood at the side of the stage for most of the show and our pantomime dame outfits, wigs and make-up did not look out of place amongst an audience of alternative Londoners.  We had been asked to provide ten minutes entertainment at the final interval before the winner was to be crowned Alternative Miss World 2018.  There was time for two dances and the stage at the Globe was large enough for two sets as well as the musicians.   We started with the traditional Comberton Molly dance ‘The Special’ published by Cyril Papworth.  It is a linked handkerchief dance but instead of handerchiefs the Kitwitches have always used bras which seemed very appropriate for that evening.  We have also added a final figure – the lock – similar to Rapper sides, but with underwear instead of swords and inspired by the Illmington Maid of the Mill dance.  It was well received and we finished off with one of our own Norwich dances, ‘The Witch’ with its now, fairly traditional zombie ending.  It was a rare but thoroughly enjoyable outing to the capital, but now we need to prepare ourselves for Plough Monday and the winter weather in Norfolk.

Jonathan Hooton'

Kitwitches made it to Lattitude!
The kitwitches survived mud and rain to dance in the sumer for 2012 exclusive dance out!  Were you there?

Chilli Vodka Zombie Attack!


The latest “Kitwitch Concoction” has caused calamitous scenes amongst unsuspecting Christmas shoppers this ye

ar. Excessive consumption of the illicit brew caused widespread zombie trances in many members in scenes reminiscent of many chilling horror films. Shocked onlookers gazed in amazement. Investigations as to the precise cause of the incident are ongoing. See film of the beginning of the incident....


North Norfolk Councillor Tries To Sabotage Kitwitch Molly Dance!

Hatty (see image on the right) looks on in disbelief as a well known Councillor attempts to stand “in set” in a feeble ploy to sabotage the intricate polished dancing this December.

The Ancient Tradition of Bra-Sniffing Proves Popular in 2009!

Another year passes and the Kitwitches revive yet another ancient East Anglian Tradition. This year it’s the sport of “Bra-Sniffing”. This ancient Norfolk custom, feared to be on the verge of dying out, involves hurling yourself into the path of an oncoming bra as pictured. Here Hatty has captured a full witches-eye! Well done Hatty!

Skipping - back in 2011 - will it make it to the Olympics?  you decide

Also stars of the Alternative Miss World 2009 and The British Guide to Showingoff 2011!