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Hot Off The Press first images - Kitwitches made it to Lattitude!
The kitwitches survived mud and rain to dance in the sumer for 2012 exclusive dance out!  Were you there?

Chilli Vodka Zombie Attack!


The latest “Kitwitch Concoction” has caused calamitous scenes amongst unsuspecting Christmas shoppers this ye

ar. Excessive consumption of the illicit brew caused widespread zombie trances in many members in scenes reminiscent of many chilling horror films. Shocked onlookers gazed in amazement. Investigations as to the precise cause of the incident are ongoing. See film of the beginning of the incident....


North Norfolk Councillor Tries To Sabotage Kitwitch Molly Dance!

Hatty (see image on the right) looks on in disbelief as a well known Councillor attempts to stand “in set” in a feeble ploy to sabotage the intricate polished dancing this December.

The Ancient Tradition of Bra-Sniffing Proves Popular in 2009!

Another year passes and the Kitwitches revive yet another ancient East Anglian Tradition. This year it’s the sport of “Bra-Sniffing”. This ancient Norfolk custom, feared to be on the verge of dying out, involves hurling yourself into the path of an oncoming bra as pictured. Here Hatty has captured a full witches-eye! Well done Hatty!

Skipping - back in 2011 - will it make it to the Olympics?  you decide

 Also stars of the Alternative Miss World 2009 and The British Guide to Showingoff 2011!